Wednesday, 6 November 2013

In loving memory of Michelle.

Even though I am going to find this a painful post to write, I would like the world to know, or at least, our small home schooled community, what a legacy Michelle Scott has left behind.

Michelle was a special fiend of mine. I will always regret never having met her in real life but it was not to be. We 'met' in rather amusing circumstances, on the 'Hebrew Catholic Association' forum. I've never been quite sure as to why Michelle hung out there (or myself actually!) and for a long while I naively presumed she lived in Birmingham, Alabama, but when the penny dropped that she actually lived in Birmingham, UK, I wrote to her privately and ever since then we corresponded every two weeks or so for many years.

We shared much- chronic, debilitating illnesses and the passion to home educate our six children, being committed Catholics and actively pro life. Many an hour was spent discussing and inventing ways to educate children from the sofa and on a budget, plus we were extremely interested in different philosophies, our shared passion being the Montessori method, about which we enjoyed swapping ideas, materials and amusing stories.

Michelle ran a very well read and admired blog, 'Thinking Love, No Twaddle' (this originates from the Christian educator, Charlotte Mason, whose methods Michelle followed and very much liked).
Every blog post was beautifully and eloquently written- what a gift God gave Michelle!

But what was so incredible was that Michelle achieved *all* this whilst suffering so much and for so long. For 11 or so years she battled with various illness, one of them a serious heart condition. I was always in awe of all she achieved and would often read through some of her notes or lessons and feel inspired and encouraged.

Her resolve never gave in- she educated her children to cook, create, love and respect. She was a truly devoted Mam, wife and fellow home schooler and to say that I will miss her is a tremendous understatement.

Here are just a few of her impressive and wonderful blog posts. Please read some of her blog and enjoy it as this is what she would have wanted. May her legacy live on!

 - Michelle's love for the Montessori method shines through.
- Making Arcimedes come alive for the children.
- Living with a chronic illness and home schooling.

Michelle also wrote lessons for young children:    - Truly a heroine for Catholic home educating Mams!

Michelle passed away on Tuesday, October 22nd and her funeral is on 15th November. Please keep her in your prayers, especially during this month of the most Holy Souls.

Réquiem ætérnam dona eis Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat eis. Requiéscant in pace. Amen.