Thursday, 7 February 2013

The end of the English Baccalaureate before it even properly began!

I was informed this morning from my husband that the Government have, yet again, changed their plans and decided to dismiss the English Baccalaureate , claiming it is 'a narrow view of education'.

Well, why didn't they ask?!

To omit the Art subjects as less important shows great disrespect to those who are gifted in these subjects and it was bound to fail when a vast majority of the country's children are barely passing the standard GSCEs!

Many parents of schooled children strongly opposed this idea and felt Gove was being dictatorial in his proposes; choosing what was 'in' and what was 'out' is blatantly unjust on so many children...

It may help to show the differences between the IGCSEs and the GCSEs though; it would be comforting to know that they were valued more highly by the education system and FE places.

All this unrest and indecision only leads to more people feeling uncomfortable and unable to trust in any qualifications in the UK system..what will be required of our children next I ponder?

May the Holy Family keep all those involved in important changes to our educational system in their prayers and ask God to lead them wisely and with discernment.