Friday, 19 April 2013

Do you think the Virtual Sixth Form College (VSFC) will receive funding? An update...

Following on from the exciting news of the possibility of a virtual sixth form college, the main question in any interested parents' minds is - will they receive funding from the Department of Education?

I have had a few e-mail exchanges with the founder of this college, Robert Ellis.
He seems confident that they will gain funding but urges anyone curious about the college to show add their details on this link;

To be clear, only those students registering full time would gain funding. The college would accept part time students but they would have to pay a fee.

I asked this as my daughter would love to study Latin A level and they hope to offer it. I would, however, have to pay fees for her if she only takes the sole A level and not sign up full time.

If you are interested do sign up and keep this initiative in mind for the future. So many children, home educated all the way through, or those already in school, prefer to study at home. This college would be the first of it's kind in that it acts exactly as a college but within the home.
There would be proper 'classrooms' albeit virtual ones, with prep and teachers available for extra tuition.

What are your opinions on this college receiving funding?

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