Sunday, 21 April 2013

Another update regarding the Virtual Sixth Form College (VSFC)

A third post in a matter of days!

I must tell everyone though the assuring news that I received another e-mail from the founder of this proposed new college, Robert Ellis, who wanted to let me know the Department of Education have altered their policy regarding funding for part time students.

All part time students as of next year *will* receive funding which, if this college comes to fruition, will be marvellous for many home educating families as some students will prefer to just take one or two A levels and not the usual four.

It means more flexibility for students and makes it much more attractive for many people are the funding may be imperative to their children carrying on with their further education from home.

I will follow this post up as soon as I hear how the college gets on with their application for funding.

for now if you are interested in this form of studying for your child, do add your interest on their website;

This would be the only Government funded virtual college and may be the beginning of many and allow our dear children should they choose, to remain at home and enjoy their studies.

We entrust this possibility to the Most Holy Family!


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