Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Sciences - Physics

Physics, I have been advised, is usually considered the hardest of the three sciences, so for all those physicists out there, I apologise for stating Chemistry is!

However, as I have absolutely no scientific background to speak of, not even a single GCSE in any science (I attended a very kindly Dominican Convent school who put more emphasis on the arts which was fine by me!) I commend every one who sits the IGCSE sciences and passes!

The Physics IGCSE, like the other  two sciences, is a much more demanding course than the GCSE and one would require a solid background in the sciences before embarking on this course.

A helpful book  like this -  (' So you really want to learn science?' by Galore Park books)

This book is designed to teach children through to common entrance standard at 13years and it is comprehensive, clear and thorough. If I could 'do it all again' with my eldest son, Ben, I would have presented this book to him at age 11 and so by the time he reached 14yrs he would have been well equipped to begin the IGCSE sciences. This book, and there are others, covers all three sciences and will be of upmost help for the student who desires to take these rigorous exams.

There are also specific courses, designed and written by home educating Mother, Sam Martell, for all three sciences ;

The Physics is a new addition and follows the same format as her Biology and Chemistry. One can purchase the text book and have work marked by Sam.

Another idea is for Mother's to share their knowledge with each other. Here in Oxfordshire we have numerous Mothers who, as their children have grown older and are entering the whole exam world , have pooled together and formed small groups in certain subjects and led the children through an IGCSE course successfully. Currently I know of the sciences, Geography, History and English being studied in this way, so it is very promising indeed.

Both the C.I.E and Edexcel boards offer IGCSE Physics with three exams.

Lastly, this is an inspiring organisation -
Science Oxford brings science alive and offers visits, seminars, talks and has news of science fairs and festivals.

I'm off to read 'In search of Schrodinger's cat' by John Gribbin, being such a physics lover...

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